Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rob's Golf Game

In "The Life and Love of Joe Coogan", Rob reports to Laura that he shot an 85, which included a narrow miss of a hole-in-one. This is a much better score than the one he records in a later episode, "The Death of the Party"; in that one, he seems pleased that he shot a 99.

On what course did Rob meet Joe Coogan? The famous Winged Foot Golf Club, site of several US Opens, is less than two miles from Bonnie Meadow Road; but it's an exclusive private club, and it's doubtful Rob is a member. Quaker Ridge and Bonnie Briar are also nearby, but also private clubs. However, Westchester County has several municipal courses, so it's likely Rob, Buddy, Mel, and Joe Coogan played at one of those -- perhaps Saxon Woods, also just a couple miles from the Petrie house.

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