Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 1964 Tarantula

In the episode “Scratch My Car and Die!”, Rob buys a new sports car called the “Tarantula” (according to Buddy, its nickname is the “T-Bug”). Since the episode aired in early 1964, we can assume the car is the '64 model.

Since the car is of course fictional, we never see it during the episode. But the characters make several comments regarding its appearance. It is low and sleek (so aerodynamic that its ash trays are teardrop-shaped); its trim is not chrome, but stainless steel; it has bucket seats, front fins and rear wings; and, in lieu of a trunk, it even has an auxiliary motor!

It’s not explicitly stated that the car is a convertible, but that seems likely in view of Rob’s purchase of a British driving cap (which also may be a clue to the car’s country of manufacture).

Combining all these facts, I envision the car as being sort of a cross between an Austin-Healy 3000 and a Lincoln Futura. So, here is my speculative illustration of the 1964 Tarantula. I have assumed that Rob would pick the British Racing Green finish.


  1. Very nice! :) I'm watching the episode now and I enjoyed your info and drawing. Thanks.

  2. I pictured the car with spider legs beneath it. Lol

  3. Great thanks! I watched the 'sode and immediately googled "tarantula car" I've never heard of it! THANKS!

  4. great job! It looks as though you forgot the back seat. I thought Laura borrowed the car to carpool the kids to school. Thanks for the visual! I also googled "tarantula car" in the middle of the episode haha

    1. Thanks Denise! Actually I did try to show a very narrow back seat area in my drawing, sort of like the one in an old Karmann Ghia convertible a friend of mine had once. An adult could barely squeeze in by turning legs sideways. But a couple of kids could probably fit okay.

  5. Love your drawing! I also googled "tarantula car" during this episode of Dick van Dyke!

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