Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode 81: Happy Birthday and Too Many More and Episode 82: The Brave and the Backache

[Note: These episodes are not related; one was inadvertently omitted from the blog, and is being inserted with the other to retain chronological order]

Episode 81: Happy Birthday and Too Many More
Plans for Richie's birthday party are spiraling out of control, until Rob puts his foot down and insists on a less elaborate, old-fashioned party at home. This nearly results in disaster as the children are a threat to destroy the house. Rob must find a way to keep the kids calmed down and entertained.

Laura's initial idea was to have the party at "Dizzyland". The kids go on all the rides and get dizzy, then take a candy cruiser to Birthday Island, where there's a real gingerbread house that the kids get to eat. Not to mention the ice cream volcano with hot fudge for lava. All this can be had for $2 a child. With over 60 kids on the invitation list, the cost of the party -- in 2011 dollars -- would be close to $1,000.


Buddy: “Hey, I got the game show! It’s like ‘What’s My Line’, only it’s called ‘What Was This Fellow’s Name Before He Changed It To What It Is Now, And Why Did He Change It, Do You Think’?”
Sally: “Is that the title or the whole show?”
Buddy: "No, that's the idea of the thing, they bring a fellow in, they say 'This man manufactures golf sweaters, so he calls himself Sam Golfsweater, cause he wants everyone to know he makes golf sweaters'."
Sally: "Uh, what was his name before he changed it?"
Buddy:"Al Paca!"

Episode 82: The Brave and Backache
Another variation on the theme of Rob possibly having a medical or psychosomatic aversion to Laura. He throws out his back in a freak accident, threatening the weekend trip the Petries had planned at Lake Sisimanunu.

This is the first appearance by Rob's psychiatrist friend, Phil Nevins. He would also appear in Episode 129.

Ken Berry appears in this episode as Alan Brady Show choreographer Tony Daniels, a role he would repeat in Episode 96.

Food note: Rob adds two sugars to his breakfast cereal, then cream from a pitcher -- then extracts a toy fire engine and ladder before eating.

Laura: “It’s the new Treasure Chest Assortment. You can have Wheaty Wow-wows, Ricey Rumbles, Sesame Sweeties, or Corny Cuties.”
Rob: “No Barley Bupkis?”
Buddy: “You know how to keep a head cold from going down in your chest? Tie a knot in your neck.”

Rob: “Honey, I study psychiatry on the same train, with the same doctor, that Jerry did!"
Sally: “Lake Sisimanunu at this time of year? Why, it’ll be at least three months before the manunus are in bloom.”
Buddy: “Hey Rob, if you’re really going up there, stop by for a chicken dinner at Camp Cock-a-doodle-do!
Sally: “Hey, isn’t that where you pluck your own chicken?”
Rob: “I just didn’t feel like a man; I felt like a sissy. Sissy... man... Sisi-man-unu!”

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