Thursday, June 23, 2011

Episode 69: Too Many Stars

It's time for another community play, and this time Laura has some competition for the female lead -- a new neighbor whose singing and dancing wows everyone.

While the dance routine by the newcomer is good, the highlight of the episode is Millie's singing audition (lyrics below).

Food note: In addition to the creative snack names from an earlier episode, the Petries also like to serve Kasha Krispies and Barley B-B's.

Adamo sighting: One of the neighbors gathered for the auditions at the Petries' house.

Millie (singing her own composition):
“My heart got a smash in the face, 
that night I will never erase.
You saw me standing ‘neath the sun and the stars 
and I was something to see.
Then you took hold of my aching heart 
and kicked it right in the knee!
My heart has a terrible scar; 
I’ll get you for this, wherever you are.
But first I’ll kill myself – I’m funny that way; 
but seriously, darling – you’re okay!”
Rob: “She fooled everybody, Honey. You come out and sing great and dance great, people are gonna think you’re talented. She didn’t fool me, though, not for one minute. I saw through it. You take away all that fabulous dancing and all that great singing and what is there left? Nothing but that...haunting beauty.”


  1. This is my favorite episode. And the Rob teases Laura right before he says the paragraph you have on here. Too funny. This has always been my favorite comedy show.