Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 65: The Masterpiece

Rob, Buddy, and Sally accidentally bid on a painting of a clown at an auction -- and end up as the unwilling owners, at a cost of $180. But it turns out there may be a much more valuable painting underneath the clown.

Money note: The $180 is equivalent to more than $1,000 in 2011 dollars.

Rob: “I could kick myself!”
Buddy: “Don’t do it, the guy’ll think you’re bidding.”
Buddy: “Oh, Laura, let me help you with that.”
Laura: “No, no, I want to get to know it.”
Sally: “Hey Buddy, why don’t you steer it?”
Buddy: “Yeah, all right. Here comes the Show Boat!”
Rob: “Buddy and Sally and I have half a Sinatra. Hey, who’s gonna keep it?
Sally: “Can I have it?”
Buddy: “What’re you gonna do with it?”

Sally: “Well, roll it up, shellac it, put a wire through it and it’ll make a” (Buddy joins in) “gorgeous lamp.”

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