Monday, June 13, 2011

Episode 43: A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own

Rob feels guilty after going to a dentist other than Jerry.

In this episode, we see Jerry's home dental office.

Sally: “Wow, he broke his tooth on a bone?”
Buddy: “I don’t think he broke it on the mayonnaise.”
Jerry: “Hey, Rob, I’m glad the girls are gone, I heard a couple of jokes at the convention I gotta tell you.”
Rob: “Uh, Jer, I don’t think we ought to be telling any jokes, haven’t you been reading the papers?”
Jerry: “What, what?”
Rob: “Well, there’s a lot of famine and drought and pestilence.”
Jerry: “Where?”
Rob: “Well, it’s around, a lot of it going around, Jer!”

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