Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 17: The Curious Thing About Women

Rob resents Laura's opening his mail without his permission.

The scene most viewers probably remember about this episode is the one in which Laura opens the package containing the inflatable raft. And Mary Tyler Moore does act that part of the show brilliantly. But in my opinion, the best scene is a 5-minute sequence that gives us our first glimpse of Rob, Buddy, and Sally working together to create, from beginning to end, a comedy sketch for "The Alan Brady Show" -- with Buddy having the idea for the sketch, and the three writers then rapidly tossing ideas at each other until they come up with the finished concept.

Sally: “Hey, I got it – don’t anybody move!”
Buddy: “What, what?”
Sally: “Now you moved, I forgot it!”


  1. This was taken from an episode of the tv show "I married Joan" with Jim Backus and Joan Davis. Both episodes are really funny.

  2. I didn't know that, thanks.

  3. I just saw your comment. It takes me awhile to get back here. Anyway, I saw it in the 1980's when they were running the "I married Joan" tv series on Nick-at-night only Joan Davis was in the closet and she pulled the plug just like Buddy comments as they were throwing ideas around. I was quite surprised at the time also.

  4. I just found the episode on "I married Joan" with this same theme. It's called, of all things, "Joan's Curiosity". It's not on youtube, but it is on a website that you have to sign up for. I don't sign up for anything.