Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 5: Washington vs. the Bunny

Rob is torn between his responsibility to his boss, and Laura's wishes that he attend Richie's school play.

This episode features the first (but not last) dream sequence in the DVD Show. And it's a wild one, featuring Rob as a marionette; a dancing Mel Cooley; Laura in a pretty daring (for 1961 TV) bunny costume; and an avalanche of stuffed rabbits that foreshadows a more famous scene involving walnuts in a future episode.

The show also includes what I believe is the first on-screen appearance of Frank Adamo, Dick Van Dyke's assistant and stand-in. He can be seen at the back of the airplane. More about Adamo later.

Rob: “You see, I’ve seen every one of his performances!”
Laura: “No, you didn’t; you didn’t see him when he played Hamlet.”
Rob: “Hamlet!”
Laura: “Yeah, see, you missed his Hamlet.”
Rob: “When was that?”
Laura: “Last year, at the Kindergarten Shakespeare Festival.”

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