Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episodes 66-67: Laura's Little Lie/Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice

Laura confesses that she lied about her age when she and Rob were married; she was only 17. But Rob realizes they may not be legally married. They plan a day trip to Connecticut to officially tie the knot, but things don't work out as smoothly as they had hoped.

The story includes the first mention of Marvin, the Petries' attorney.

Continuity issue: The Petries' insurance agent is played by the same actor who played Rob's Army buddy, Glen, the "qualified hypnotist".

Adamo sighting: The groom in the 32,491st marriage ceremony officiated by Judge Krata.

Rob: “Hi, Rich, have you seen Mommy?”
Richie: “When?”
Rob: “This morning.”
Richie: “Didn’t you see her? She sleeps in your room.”
Rob: “Every time I mention the doctor’s appointment, she tenses up.”
Buddy: “Maybe he’s got a cold stethoscope.”

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  1. I'd like to see the color of Laura''s suit. It looks pretty enough in black and white.