Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 2: The Meershatz Pipe

Rob becomes insecure in his job when it appears his boss's favorite writer is Buddy.

In this episode, we first see the master bedroom of the Petrie house; but the living room set apparently has still not been put together.

There are some sloppy elements in this second episode: The door to the writers' office, seen from outside, opens the wrong way; the elevator doors outside the office are opened and closed by hand by the operator; and in one scene, you can see the shadow of a crew member pass across the scene, and even hear his or her footsteps.

Buddy: “Hey, did you ever see the collection Alan has? Oh, he must have 500 pipes in his den.”
Rob: “In his den? In his house?”
Buddy: “No, the den in his car!”
Laura: “Rob – Rob – you’re gargling with chicken rice soup!”
Rob: “Rice?”
Laura: “Yes.”
Rob: “Good. I thought my teeth were falling out.”

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