Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 64: That's My Boy??

Season 3 opens with a very strong episode. It's a flashback to the days after Richie's birth -- when Rob becomes convinced that the Petries brought home the wrong baby. Having seen this many times before, and knowing the surprise ending, I was able to appreciate the skill with which the story was built to the climactic moment when the Peters' come in the Petries' front door.

Rob: "Jer -- who, who do you think the baby looks like?"

Jerry: "I don't know -- how can you tell at this age? I mean their looks change every day. Now that first day, he looked like you."

Rob: "Yeh, then a little later, he looked something like Laura. Then today on the ride home in the cab, he looked a lot like Ralph Martoni."

Jerry: "Who's Ralph Martoni?!"

Rob: "The cabdriver, didn't you see his picture?"

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