Monday, June 6, 2011

Episode 25: One Angry Man

Rob is called for jury duty, and ends up disrupting the trial with his antics.

This is a clever take-off on the dramatic movie "Twelve Angry Men", with Rob as the sole hold-out in a jury wanting to convict -- though not for the noble reasons Henry Fonda voted "not guilty" in the play.

The second consecutive episode without Richie, as the stories continue to lean towards the adult part Rob's world. In fact, the previous episode -- "The Twizzle" -- was the first of many in which Rob and Laura go out without any discussion of what to do with Richie. Presumably he was staying at a friend's house for the evening.

Adamo sighting: One of the jurors.

Rob: “Now, Honey, now wait a minute, now wait! I can explain... nothing!”

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  1. I've been watching this episode lately and I think I laughed harder now than I did years ago. That Rob is so funny.