Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Curious Geometry of the Petrie House

In a previous post, I noted that the Petrie home is in a neighborhood containing typical, '50s-style houses. The photo at left shows a scene from the opening titles of the Carl Reiner pilot, "Head of the Family", which was later re-tooled as "The Dick Van Dyke Show." That house would clearly be full of right angles and rectangular rooms. But the internal layout of Rob's and Laura's house  doesn't fit that template. The house is all odd angles and unusual configurations. In the first episode of Season 2, we get a rare look at Richie's bedroom, which we know is somewhere behind the living room/kitchen area. Yet it's hard to imagine any way to fit that room, the window you see to the left of the door, and the hallway outside the door, into any kind of logical layout of the house as a whole (and remember, the den has to fit in there somewhere, too).

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