Saturday, June 18, 2011

Episode 51: It May Look Like a Walnut

Danny Thomas guest stars in this episode that many fans of the show rank among their favorites. While I like it, and while the scene where Laura slides out of the closet in an avalanche of walnuts is a memorable one, it's not among my top episodes.

Rob makes a punning allusion to "The Twilight Zone"; but his dream sequence about aliens taking over humanity -- and the late-night movie that Rob watched which prompted his nightmare -- is actually more reminiscent of the sci-fi horror film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

Rob: "I was pretending to be Kolak, who breathes water."

Sally: "Oh, the four-eyed monster they threw out of the UN. He's from the planet Twilo."

Rob: "You see that picture?"

Sally: "No, 'd they make a picture out of that?"

Rob: "Last night, on television."

Sally: "No, I was at the UN the day it happened."

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