Saturday, June 11, 2011

Episode 36: What's in a Middle Name?

Richie discovers that his middle name is "Rosebud".

Another flashback episode. We see the old writers' room of the "Alan Brady Show", which seems to contain many of the same furnishings as the new office -- right down to the dart board and darts stuck in the wall instead of the board.

Sally: “Would you name your kid Maria Ouspenskaya?”
Buddy: “No, and for only one reason.”
Sally: “Why?”
Buddy: “Because my brother named his kid that.”
Grandpa Petrie: “Ulysses David if it’s a boy, Ulyssia Davida if it’s a girl. That’s it! Or don’t you care about sending an old man to his grave happy?”
Rob: “Grandpa, you know we want you to be happy!”
Sam: “Pa, nobody’s sending you to your grave yet.”
Grandpa: “I’ll go to my grave when I want to! And just try and let anybody try and stop me!”

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