Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 63: All About Eavesdropping

The final episode of Season 2 is one of my favorites, full of gems of funny dialogue. Rob and Laura eavesdrop on Millie and Jerry, who say some less than flattering things about their neighbors.

Food notes: Millie makes Laura's avocado and peanut butter dip -- but there's some controversy over whether or not there should be mustard in the recipe. Also, Rob and Laura eat a breakfast cereal called "Wakey Flakies".

The opening title shows the first occurrence of the third version of Rob vs. the ottoman; in this one, he stops short and skips around it, but then stumbles -- twice -- on the carpet. It's easy to distinguish this opening from the other two, as Laura is not wearing the same dress she wears in those. This third version only appears in this last episode of Season 2, and a few episodes of Season 3; after that, it's back to alternating between the trip and skip-around versions for the rest of the series.

Jerry: “If they don’t get here in one minute, I’ll give ‘em a call on the phone.”
Buddy: “One minute – hey, play the Minute Waltz.”
Sally: “I only know half of it.”
Buddy: “Play it twice.”
Rob: “That’s malicious accusery!”
Sally: “I sang ‘Bill Bailey’ so many times, he finally went home.”
Rob (guessing Laura’s Charades clues): “Walk, stomp, stomp all over people, walk all over people; goose-step! Treachery, treachery; two-faced, two-faced; stab, stab in the back, stab in the back! Accuse, indict – malicious accusery! That’s right! Pearl Harbor! I got it! ‘On the Street Where You Live’!”
Rob: “I’m just gonna nibble; I’m too sincere to eat a lot.”

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