Saturday, June 18, 2011

Episode 52: Don't Trip Over That Mountain

Another chance for DVD to showcase his physical comedy expertise; first as he maneuvers around the living room on snow skis, then as Rob spends most of the episode trying to cope with a "sprained body" he suffered on a ski trip that he took despite Laura's fears of his klutziness.

Where did Rob and Jerry go skiing? New York state has numerous ski resorts, and Vermont is right next door as well. One possibility is Belleayre, which had recently become a major ski resort, and which is only about 100 miles from New Rochelle.

Rob: "Hi, Jer! What's keepin' ya, I'm all ready! Hey, did you check the lodge? What did they say? Five inches of new powder on six feet of packed snow? Whee-hoo-hoo! ... Is that good?"

Jerry: "Well, where does it hurt?"

Rob (pointing to corner of mouth): "You see that?"

Jerry: "Yeh".

Rob: "That's the only place that doesn't HURT!"

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