Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode 80: A Nice Friendly Game of Cards

Another social gathering at the Petrie house. Rob, Laura, Buddy, Millie, and Jerry, along with new neighbors Lou and Beth, play poker; but everything falls apart when it's discovered Rob is dealing from a marked deck.

If you've wondered what happens to the piano in the Petries' living room, it's stored against the fourth wall of the room -- as can be seen in a rare view of that wall over Millie's shoulder as she sits at the dining table during the card game.

Money note: It seems strange that so much is being made of Lou's losses, which amount to only $10. But of course that's equivalent to about $70 in 2011.

Sally: “Boy, look at all the fun I missed! I, like a dope, went to the dog show.”
Buddy: “Did you win anything?”
Buddy: “Hey, how about a little ‘Three Card Barrington’?”
Beth: “’Three Card Barrington’, how do you play that?”
Buddy: “You just deal three cards. Red nines are wild, seven of Clubs is high, low card passes, ace, nine, six, four of all suits is ‘Barrington’.”
Millie: “And that’s when you win?”
Buddy: “No, that’s when everybody gets up and walks around the chairs.”
Beth: “Well, how do you – how do you win?”
Buddy: “Well, while everybody else is walking around the chairs, I grab the money!”
Buddy: “Nine, ten, jack, queen.... ace!?”
Laura: “What happened to your king?”
Buddy: “He must have abdicated.”

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