Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 40: The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally

Rob suspects Buddy and Sally of having an affair.

The episode features Rob's and Laura's third duet of the series -- a song and dance called "Harmony".

Adamo sighting: Waiter at Herbie's Hiawatha Lodge.

Laura: “Buddy and Sally? Buddy’s a married man!”
Rob: “So was George Sanders a married man, he went to Tahiti to paint ladies!”
Laura: “George Sanders the actor?”
Rob: “No, in the movie, ‘Moon and Sixpence’, he played Paul Gaugin, the famous artist. He left his wife, he left his family in England, he took a boat to Tahiti and nobody ever heard from him again. Boy, except for the boat and the native girls, it’s the Paul Gaugin story all over again.”

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