Saturday, June 11, 2011

Episode 33: Bank Book 6565696

Rob discovers that Laura has a secret bank account.

Once again, it's important to remember the different value of money at the time. $378.16 doesn't sound like much, but it would be nearly $3,000 today.

DVD shows off his physical comedy ability in a scene in which he looks for his birthday present -- crawling, running, and jumping around the living room.

The sports car Rob covets is the "XKG-JFK-4000". Perhaps its nickname is "Tarantula" -- a sports car featured in a later episode of the series.

Rob: “Just think, at this very moment, the mighty Niagara, harnessed to giant generators, its energy surging along 400 miles of copper wire, just to heat our toaster. All we have to do is wait.”
Laura: “ Don’t we have to plug it in?”
Rob: “You’d think with that 400 mile running start it could jump the last two feet by itself.”
Buddy: “For years, my wife kept throwing quarters into a cookie jar. Drove me nuts! Finally, I found out what she was saving for.”
Rob: “What was it?”
Buddy and Sally: “Cookies!”


  1. Would even the BEST movie projector cost the equivalent of $4000 in 1962 dollars?

    1. I agree, seems unlikely. And Rob was even giving her more money for the leather case!