Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 79: The Life and Love of Joe Coogan

Episode 79 marks the halfway point in the series, and fittingly is a very strong episode. Rob meets another man from Laura's past -- but his jealousy proves to be unwarranted.

Rob: “I didn’t read your personal sonnets, and I didn’t see your personal shoe box.”
Laura: “Then how did you know?”
Rob: “I met your personal poet!”
Laura: “Rob, would it make you happy if I burned them, is that what you want? You just say the word, dear, and I will burn them!”
Rob: “Burn them.”
Laura: “No sir, not if you’re gonna take that attitude!”
Laura: "I wonder why I kept Joe Coogan's sonnets, and not Philip Cabot's or Jim Darling's."
Millie: "Did they write you sonnets?"
Laura: "No".
Millie: "Well maybe that's why."

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