Friday, June 10, 2011

Episodes 28 and 29: I Am My Brother's Keeper/The Sleeping Brother

Rob's brother Stacy comes for a visit -- and causes consternation with his sleep-walking.

Jerry Van Dyke guest stars in this two-part story. He is reasonably funny in his banjo playing and stand up comedy; but the highlight is the excellent, jazzy, Rob and Laura duet of "Mountain Greenery" in Episode 29.

Adamo sighting: A guest at the Petrie parties in both episodes.

Mel: “You know he won’t play unless he has six hands.”
Sally: “Six hands – reminds me of a boyfriend I once had.”
Rob: “I’m sorry, Buddy, Laura asked me to check her ribs.”
Buddy: “Oh, well, when you’re through, Doctor, I got an ingrown toenail...”

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