Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 16: Sol and the Sponsor

Rob and Laura are put in a tough situation when Rob's old Army buddy, Sol, shows up for a visit on the evening the Petries are entertaining the sponsor of "The Alan Brady Show".

Continuity issue: Mrs. Burmont -- the sponsor's wife -- is played by the actress who would later play both Richie's teacher, and Rob's mother.

Mr. Burmont: “Well, I thought last week’s show was very funny.”
Rob: “Boy, so did I.”
Mr. Burmont: “If you like slapstick.”
Rob: “Well, you can overdo it.”
Mr. Burmont: “I, of course, like slapstick.”
Rob: “I love it!”
Mr. Burmont: “But not on my show.”
Rob: “No, not on our particular show.”
Mr. Burmont: “Not every week.”
Rob: “No, I...”
Mr. Burmont: “I like it once in a while.”
Rob: “That’s me, I like it once in a while.”

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