Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode 114: Boy #1, Boy #2

Richie and his friend, Freddy Helper, are cast in a TV commercial (for the Tarantula automobile). The only question for directors Mel and Rob is which is worse: the boys' lack of talent, or their mothers' meddling.

Adamo sighting: Make-up man for the commercial.

Sally: “Cecil B. DeCooley! You’ve got your hat on backwards.”
Buddy: “No, his hat’s on straight, his head’s on backwards.”
Buddy: “I’ll tell them what George M. Cohan once told me when I was nervous.”
Millie: “What’d he say?”
Buddy: “He says, ‘Don’t be nervous’.”
Sally: “I got a quote for you from General Custer.”
Buddy: “What’d he say?”
Sally: “’Let’s get outta here’!”
Sally: “Boy, you’ve either got nerves of steel or ice water in your veins!”
Buddy: “I hope he don’t have both – he’ll wind up with rusty blood!”

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