Monday, July 4, 2011

Episode 101: Romance, Roses, and Rye Bread

Bert, a short, middle-aged delicatessen owner, is in love with Sally; she must find a way to gently rebuff him.

Food notes: Deli fare was a staple of the writers' lunches; but they would have a tough time finding a deli that would deliver today. If there really had been a "Bert Monker's Delicatessen" in Manhattan in 1964, it would almost certainly have closed long ago. An article about New York delis says that there were 3,000 in 1930 -- but only about two dozen left today.

Adamo sighting: An actor in the absolutely terrible play Laura attends.

Rob: “I think you’ve got a secret admirer.
Sally: “A secret admirer?”
Buddy: “Yeah, you know, like the guy who sent a dozen roses to the chorus girls?”
Sally: “I’m not a chorus girl.”
Buddy: “That’s why you only got one.”
Bert: "There you are, your chicken salad.. and for you, boiled Virginia ham with mayo."

Budddy: "No, I wanted ham with Virginia Mayo."

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