Monday, July 4, 2011

Episode 107: The Death of the Party

Laura is certain that Rob's playing golf early in the morning will cause him to become tired or ill, ruining the party they are hosting that evening.

Adamo sighting: Once again, a guest at the Petries' party.

Buddy: “Let the soup get cold? That’s sacrilege!”
Sally: “All right, so we’ll reheat it.”
Buddy: “Reheating it loses its medical powers. Something goes wrong with the noodles.”
Sally: “I think there’s something wrong with your noodle.”
Rob: “How can I get rid of a 24 hour virus before I get home?”
Buddy: “Don’t go home for 24 hours!”
Rob: “Funny, my temperature is 99 and my golf score was 99. No, what’d really be funny is if my golf score was 98.6.”

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