Sunday, July 3, 2011

Episode 98: The Lady and the Babysitter

Roger, Richie's teenage babysitter, has a powerful crush on Laura -- and she and Rob must find a way to let him down easy.

Since Roger goes home on foot from his babysitting jobs at the Petrie house, he presumably lives nearby in New Rochelle; which makes it odd that his varsity sweater has an M on it, as I couldn't find a high school in New Rochelle starting with M.

This episode includes the first look at the Petries' garage. It seems that Rob may have got rid of his Tarantula, as he has Roger working on what appears to be a Ford Mustang.

Food notes: Rob insists on milk with his chocolate cake; coffee will not do (and certainly not grape juice). He notes that Laura is not qualified to judge such things, as she drinks soda with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Adamo sighting: Library patron annoyed by Rob's loud talking.


  1. Depending on where he lived in the fictional school district, Roger could have attended Mamaroneck High School.

  2. Thanks Stan -- a mystery solved!