Saturday, July 16, 2011

Episode 154: The Man from My Uncle

A G-Man establishes a stake-out in the Petrie house, where Rob's attempts to become part of the mission almost ruin it.
Food note: Laura makes a plate of homemade Nut Chewies for the agent.

Rob: “Is there anything we can do, Mr. Bond?”
Mr. Bond: “You haven’t had dinner yet, have you?”
Rob: “No.”
Mr. Bond: “Why don’t you have dinner.”
Rob: “Right. Come on, Honey, it’s a dinner break.”
Laura: “Well, how can he spy with a bad tooth?”
Rob: “Honey, those guys are trained to spy with bamboo shoots under their fingernails.”
Laura: “I didn’t make your dinner!”
Rob: “Well, not since yesterday.”
Laura: “Rob, I’m sorry. What -- what would you like?”
Rob: “Well, uh, make something very light, Honey. I might have to, you know, move.”
Rob: “Mr. Bond?”
Mr. Bond: “What?”
Rob: “Can I have the binos?”
Mr. Bond: “The what?”
Rob: “The binocs?”
Mr. Bond: “Oh, the binoculars.”
Rob: “Yeah, check.”
Rob: “Hey, Mr. Bond – I took a picture with this infrared camera.”
Mr. Bond: “Of what?”
Rob: “Well...of you sleeping.”
Mr. Bond: “Mr. Petrie, why did you do that?”

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