Saturday, July 2, 2011

Episode 91: Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is In Jail

When she arrives to bail him out, Rob tells Laura the story of how he ended up in jail.

The episode features a long monologue by DVD, as Rob spends time in the house alone, talking to himself and making phone calls to friends.

The holding cell at the jail certainly reflects a different time, as all the detainees except Rob appear to be fifty-ish, fairly harmless-looking hobo types.

Rob: “I wonder if it’s bad to talk to yourself when you’re alone? A lot better than talking to yourself when you’re not alone.”
Rob: “Charlie? Hi, listen I want... would you like to do anything tonight, ya would? Great, Charlie, would you like to go to a movie, go bowling... bowling it is! Great, hey listen I’ll pick you up, Charlie; you still live over on Roxman Drive? I’ll pick you up...what do you mean, you don’t live on Roxman Drive? this Charlie Mandel? Oh, heck, no, I’m sorry, it seems I have a wrong number. Does this, uh, mean you won’t go out with me?”

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