Thursday, July 7, 2011

Episode 117: Girls Will Be Boys

Richie is being beaten up by a schoolmate; but his story doesn't add up, and Rob and Laura try to get to the truth.

In this episode, Millie is serving as a volunteer school crossing guard for the lunch-time and back-to-school period. It would be easy for Richie to run home for lunchtime -- you can see Davis Elementary School at lower right in this view, with Bonnie Meadow Road less than a quarter mile away.

Rob: “I was slapped by girls a few times, but I was never beaten up.”
Laura: “What were you slapped for?”
Rob: “Oh, the usual things.”
Laura: “What ‘usual things’?”
Rob: “I don’t know… I know one time at a high school dance, Margie Willis slapped me because I said her slip was showing."
Laura: “Is that all?”
Rob: “Well, I said it on the loudspeaker."

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