Saturday, July 9, 2011

Episode 131: No Rice at My Wedding

Yet another flashback to Rob's Army days; and yet another former beau of Laura's.

Clark Rice is played by Van Williams, who just a year later would star as "The Green Hornet" on that short-lived series.

Adamo sighting: A soldier at the back of the rec hall during the drawing for the "Bivouac Baby" contest.


  1. For me it wouldn't have been a hard choice between Rob and Clark.
    I like them both, but Van Williams is one of the best looking guys to ever grace a screen. What a hunk.

  2. He was. Rock Hudson had a "thing" for him. Fortunately, Van was normal. From strictly a physical vantage point, Clark and Laura looked better together than did she and Rob. Great episode. Goes to show you: even great-looking people get it stuck to them every so often. Imagine, a Clark Rice getting shot down for twerpy Rob. Typical of girls' mindsets.