Saturday, July 9, 2011

Episode 120: Anthony Stone

Sally seems to have met her dream man: Handsome, wealthy, and devoted to her. But there's a problem... and then another problem...

Adamo sighting: Flower delivery man.

Buddy: “Did you get to do any of those crazy native dances?”
Sally: “Oh, sure, every night.”
Buddy: “With who?”
Sally: “Crazy natives!”
Rob: “My, my, my, my name is, Robert, uh, no... Robert No... like the doctor, No.”
Sally: “Did you get the alligator shoes?”
Laura: “No, I got lizard. Uh, Darling, what do you think?”
Rob: “Well, I can’t tell the difference.”
Buddy: “Oh, those are lizard – if they were alligator, they’d be this big.”

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