Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Episodes 143-144: I Do Not Choose to Run/The Making of a Councilman

The final two-part episode of the series. Rob is asked to run for New Rochelle City Council -- but he's not sure he's up to the job, especially after he meets his intellectually intimidating opponent. Nevertheless, he wins the election. Then his status as city councilman is never again mentioned on the show.

At the time of Rob's election, New Rochelle is at its population peak, with about 76,000 residents. The population then begins to decline for the next three decades, before starting a comeback at the beginning of the 21st century:

Adamo sighting: The only one of the five reporters at the press conference who doesn't ask a question.

Buddy: “Rob, you want my advice?”
Rob: “No.”
Buddy: “Good decision; now while you’re in the mood, make another one!”
Sally: “Rob, you’ll be fine once you get there.”
Rob: “Yeah, I think that’s what they said to the captain of the Titanic.”
Laura: “Look, it says right here that Lincoln was only a private in the army. You were a sergeant, a much better leader.”
Rob: “He wasn’t promoted because he spent most of his time in an Italian prison camp.”
Sally: “Well, at least he ate well.”

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