Thursday, July 14, 2011

Episode 147: Remember the Alimony

The final Army days flashback of the series takes place not at Camp Crowder, but at Rob's later post in Anchor, Texas; eight miles from the Mexican border, and in a location so remote that Rob confesses to Buddy and Sally that, though he lived there once, he doesn't really know where it is. (Unlike Crowder, Anchor is a fictional location -- as is El Diablo, the Mexican town Rob and Laura visit).

Food notes: When Rob burns the steaks on the grill, he asks Laura to call "Chicken Little" for delivery. Though fast food had been around for a while, I'm assuming delivery was still relatively novel at that time.

Also, when Richie enters the kitchen wearing a sombrero and serape, Buddy makes a quip that sounds like a reference to the Frito Bandito (although, according to the linked article, that ad campaign started a year or two after this DVD episode).

Rob: “Why don’t you run outside and watch the steaks burn?”
Richie: “Again? Yay!”

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