Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode 145: The Curse of the Petrie People

Laura inherits the Petrie family heirloom: A large gold brooch shaped like the continental United States, with gemstones marking the cities where Petrie men were born.

The Petrie clan is far-flung, with various generations born in Seattle, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey (and Rob in Danville, Illinois, and Richie in New Rochelle).

Laura: “I hope I justify your, your trust, and, and when Richie gets married...”
Clara: “I trust that whoever the girl is, you will make sure she deserves that.”
Buddy: “Hey, why don’t we get some kid now and put her on probation?”
Sam: “See that empty setting there in Pittsburgh? That was Uncle Jonah.”
Laura: “’Was’?”
Sam: “Yeah, stone dropped out, Uncle Jonah dropped dead – pow!”
Rob: “Well, Uncle Jonah was an old man, he was eighty seven.”
Sam: “But he died, and that’s the important thing.”
Clara: “But, Sam, it was six months later.”
Sam: “There’s nothing more horrible than a slow, lingering death!”

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