Sunday, July 10, 2011

Episode 133: The Great Petrie Fortune

Rob inherits a roll-top desk from his great-uncle Hezekiah -- along with a mystery that, if solved, might lead to a more valuable inheritance.

DVD plays Uncle Hezekiah -- a character very similar to the elderly banker he played in "Mary Poppins".

Rob: “There’s a lot of little cubbyholes, there’s no cubbies in ‘em.”
Rob: “Buddy, a numismatist is a coin expert.”
Buddy: “Oh. Well, these are old coins – get an old mismatist.”
Buddy: “Hey, I got one!”
Rob: “Is the buffalo on a plain?”
Buddy: “No, the plane left, he’s on a bus.”
Mr. Harlow: “If you hold onto these, in time they’ll be worth, oh, seven or eight thousand dollars.”

Rob: “When?”

Mr. Harlow: “About the turn of the century.”

Buddy: “That’s a pretty slow turn, you don’t even have to put your hand out for that one.”

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