Saturday, July 9, 2011

Episode 121: Never Bathe on Saturday

During Rob and Laura's weekend getaway at an expensive Manhattan hotel, Laura takes a bath -- with unexpected consequences.

This episode included several actors who appeared numerous times on the DVD Show: Bernard Fox as the house detective (previously the writing teacher who hit on Laura, and the father of the little girl who beat up Richie); Bill Idelson as a bellboy (previously Herman Glimsher, Sally's boyfriend); Kathleen Freeman as a maid (previously owner of the boarding house where Rob and Laura spent their honeymoon); and Johnny Silver as a room service waiter (appeared in several episodes, usually as a waiter).

Rob: “Only a husband can blow the lock off a bathroom with his wife in the bathtub with nothing on and her -- and her toe stuck in a pipe! Now call me a prude if you like!”
Engineer: “Tell me, is that toe similar to the one that’s stuck in the pipe?”
Laura: “Well, of course it is. Why?”
Engineer: “Wouldn’t want to nip off any of this little piggy. That’s the one that went to market.”

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